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C-COBRA Regulator / Converter / Vaporizer

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C-COBRA Regulator / Converter / Vaporizer

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Century Model Cobra Series


The C-COBRA regulator is an upgrade to the IMPCO model "J". It incorporates an improved primary seat and orifice that reduces the likelihood of failure due to freezing and contamination, the number one cause of the model "J" failure. The C-COBRA also includes a Flourosilicone secondary diaphragm that is more resistant to the heavy oils produced by heating LPG. Part number COBRA operates on the same principle as a model "J" with a primary pressure of 1.5 P.S.I., and a secondary pressure of -1.5" W.C. C-COBRA may be used to replace the Model J, Model JB or Model K in any application. Repair kit RK-COBRA or our generic (Impco Style) C-RK-COBRA is available for servicing.


Fuel Type LPG Liquid / Vapor
Maximum Inlet Pressure 312 P.S.I. (21.51 Bar)
Outlet Pressure (w/o Power Ram) 30 P.S.I. (207 kPa)
Nominal Outlet Pressure -1.5" W.C. HP / kW: 100 HP (75 kW)
Operating Temperature -40°F to +250°F (-40° to +121°C)
Filtration Required 40 Micron
Heating Chamber Source Required for liquid LPG
Mounting Position Vertical recommended
Applications Mobile, industrial and automotive

A converter thermostat is recommended for maximum performance and longevity of the converter.

Century Model Cobra Specifications Sheet

Additional Information

Prop 65 Warning for California Residents WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

C-COBRA Regulator / Converter / Vaporizer

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