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Customer Reviews

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Craig P. | June 6 2015
I bought my fuel conversion kit some time ago but just installed it last week. This is for a generator at my vacation home. It's in the Sierra mountains 7200 ft. Elevation. So when we're not in a drought session we receive 19 to 25 ft. for the season and we always loose power. I was tired of hauling & storing gasoline. My mountain home has a 1200 gal propane tank. I decided to convert my gen. Your kit fit like a glove. I did Not have to modify the frame at all. I did need to trim choke plastic cover and a few other minor mods. Followed instructions , the video was very helpful. I have to buy a few hose fittings to finish, so I have not run the gen. on LPG yet.

Craig P. | June 6 2015

I just want to thank you all for the great service you gave to help our shop locate a part we needed and get it to us quickly I will be sure to call you first if we need anything in the future.

Miles J. | March 31, 2015

Joe | March 26, 2015
I have it fully optimized and It runs great.... Check out My Photos

Joe | March 26, 2015

...just want to say thank u very much. This company and product I bought was absolutely amazing and works very well and easy install. So much that I have 2 friends that want me to do there generators. I will be in contact soon as I get all the specs.. And also would like to say that I spoke to Drew on on the first order and he was so helpful and professional very nice to work with.. I will be in touch soon with more projects thank u very much...

John M. | February 19, 2015

Just installed your tri-fuel conversion kit for my new Westinghouse 7500 generator. Followed your directions and watched a couple of videos. Entire process took 2.5 hours and that included the time for 1 trip to the hardware store for a step-down adapter (I have a quick disconnect setup on my outdoor porch gas line). Generator started on second crank of the electric start. Directions were very good and all parts were well labeled/identified. Thanks for a great product. I will be recommending you to my friends.

Steve W. | December 1, 2014

... Great kit ! I am very happy with my investment. Just wanted to spread the good news. Thanks, Tom

Tom | November 20, 2014

I converted this Honeywell generator to natural gas and propane using a Century Fuel Products kit. Just showing it running.

Tyler Murset | October 9, 2014

Jim | July 31, 2014
Thanks again for spending the time on the phone with me today... In addition to mounting the regulator and adapter on my generator, I also had to install a dedicated gas valve/connection inside of my garage, off of my gas meter on the side of the house (required adding another T and punching a hole through the concrete block wall of my garage for the extra ¾" pipe). I'm running a 40' x ¾" hose from the new gas valve to the generator to get it out into the driveway...Thanks again for the help, and so far I really love the product

Jim | July 31, 2014

I was having problems with the conversion kit that I installed on my generator called and talk to gentleman by the name of Brandon I realize he's the guy that I watched on YouTube very good video I use the video to install my conversion worked out perfectly the problem I had with my conversion kit Brandon talk me through it and it runs great please make sure Brandon gets this and tell him I said thank you very much he was a big help!!!

Roger Willette

Just installed an adapter kit for my generator that allows it to run on either gasoline, propane or natural gas. It runs great, very pleased. Storing propane is so much easier and safer than storing gas! I bought the kit from There were a couple of things that I had to customize during the install but all in all it went very well. Great product! Century Fuel Products

Jim Scott Sr | May 10, 2014

I just had to share my appreciation for your high quality product and service. Several months ago I bought your APG3001C conversion kit. It sat untouched in my garage because I was unsure if I had the mechanical skills to install it successfully. I watched you training videos several times, reviewed all the kit materials, and the printed instruction supplied with the kit. This week I crossed my fingers and proceeded to install the kit. I went slowly, carefully and it took me about 2-3 hours to complete. To my amazement my newly converted generator started on the second pull of the starter cord. I am very happy with my new tri-fuel generator. Thanks for providing such a quality kit that is well engineered for installation by a novice like me.

John D | Pasadena, CA | May 9, 2014

Converted my Honeywell 5500 watt to natural gas. Modification was quick and easy. I just followed the script of your youtube video. Started right up. Runs so much smoother. Goodbye gasoline! Thanks.

Lawrence Sterne | January 23, 2014

Yesterday I did the Honda EB6500SX Tri-Fuel Kit on my generator and it was a piece of cake... Watched the instructional video and read the directions over good and did it... The E10 gas we now have to use made it a crap shoot on whether it would start or not.. That is no longer an issue.. Thanks...

Rick Taylor | January 18, 2014

John C. Grove | December 22, 2013
I will be emailing you my newly converted snow thrower pictures, but here is a sample. Working with Drew has been a pleasure and now I have the meanest machine in town! Snow and Ice....Bring it on!

John C. Grove | December 22, 2013