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How to Cut a Generator Frame

Sometimes our venturi fuel adapter pushes out your air cleaner assembly to the point of running into frame. In that case, you will need to modify the frame. Fortunately we offer Frame Replacement Brackets, to keep the structural integrity of the frame. "Some" generators will require you to do this.

NOTE: This is just an example. Frames may vary depending on generator.

Cutting Frame

1. Remove Wheel

Cutting Frame 2

2. Cut the frame with a Hacksaw.

*You must leave 1 ½" of frame to mount bracket supplied.

Cutting Frame 3

3. Slide mounting bracket on frame.

Cutting Frame 4

3. Cut off the flat end to length and drill hole at that end.

Cutting Frame 5

4. Bolt the drilled end to the frame.

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction