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Impco technologies offers factory replacement fuel system components for the Spectrum Series II certified engine systems. These components are only available through authorized IMPCO distributors. Factory service manuals, repair procedures, and TSBs must be acquired and used through the OEM parts network. IMPCO Technologies, Inc. is not able to supply these materials.

All ECMs are sold as unprogrammed generic hardware modules. The service technician must flash the appropriate .mot file before the ECM can be used in the application. IMPCO Technologies, Inc. does not supply the .mot files. These files must be acquired through the OEM service network. Service technicians must be factory authorized to access these files. If you are not able to access these files through your OEM network, you must purchase a pre-programmed ECM through your authorized OEM parts supplier. To receive Spectrum Series III training please visit our website at

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ITK-4 Test Equipment


P1-30559 Pin


S3-1524-003 O-Ring


S3-31195-001 O-Ring


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