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How to Measure Carburetor Studs

This Carburetor Studs Measure 2 and 1/8 of an inch.

While we have information for a majority of the generators on the market, occasionally we come across an older or brand new model that we haven’t converted yet. When this happens, we need the customer to measure their carburetor studs so we can send out the correct fuel adapter. It is extremely important that you are accurate when finding this measurement. See the pictures below for more information on how to correctly measure the studs on your carburetor.

Measuring Center to Center

You have to be accurate when finding the measurement.

Measuring Center to Center 2

Remember That not all Carburetors have a flat 90 degree angle.

Measuring Center to Center Angle

This Carburetor has a flat 80 degree angle.

Measuring Center to Center Angle 2