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AFS M456-1 Thermostat

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ACC19-02 Thermostat

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The ACC19-02 is a thermostat used to control the temperature of an LPG converter for a 3/8" I.D. coolant hose and should be installed as close as possible to the coolant outlet on the converter. Vaporization in the converter is accomplished by routing heated engine coolant through the converter and causes the converter to reach temperatures in excess of 180° Fahrenheit. This thermostat will lower costs and prevent expensive service calls due to premature converter failure. If the propane reaches above 130° Fahrenheit, it can separate in the converter leaving heavy destructive substances on critical components.


Install thermostat in water return hose(suction side of converter / vaporizer). Be sure that flow direction is correct and it should be as close to the converter / vaporizer as possible.

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