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ACC11-04 LPG, CNG, or LNG Propane Natural Gas Digital Fuel Controller

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ACC11-04 Digital Fuel Controller

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The ACC11-04 Digital Fuel Controller is an advanced microprocessor controlled air/fuel ratio controller. It is designed to provide precise, closedloop fuel control for dedicated or bi-fuel applications of LPG, CNG, or LNG, on 8, 6, or 4 cylinder engines. It's digital adaptive control is able to automatically compensate for variations in fuel composition, altitude changes, and varying states of engine tune. In addition, "feed forward" logic, a feature unique to Dual Curve™ fuel controllers allows the Digital Fuel Controller to provide precise air/fuel ratio control even under extremes of hard accelleration or decelleration. In the event that the Controller is unable to maintain the correct air/fuel ratio due to conditions such as a clogged air filter, its built-in diagnostic function allows the vehicle operator to be alerted by an LED warning light. The Digital Fuel Controller comes in an extremely compact package, featuring complete sealing from moisture, dirt, or automotive fluids. It mounts easily in almost any underhood location except for the engine block or exhaust manifolds.

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