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C-039-121A Regulator with Auto Electric Primer Front

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C-039-121 Regulator with Auto Electric Primer

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The C-039-121A Garretson - Impco replacement KN is a secondary, automatic zero regulator (with 12(DC) volt Auto Primer) designed for maximum sensitivity, simple, trouble free operation. It is suitable for use with low pressure, Natural Gas and LPG Vapor fuels, where dependable starting is required. Because of its extreme sensitivity, the KN offers excellent results in most remote starting applications if installed and maintained properly. Suitable for LP engines up to 30 kW (40 hp) and NG engines up to 22.37kW (30hp). The engine creates a vacuum which acts through the outlet of the regulator on the diaphragm. Atmospheric pressure then forces the diaphragm toward the vacuum, depressing the lever and pulling the valve seat away from the orifice which allows fuel to flow as long as the demand persists. When the vacuum ceases, a spring force pushes on the lever and forces the seat valve against the orifice shutting off the fuel flow. Due to the sensitivity of the C-039-121A, most installations do not need priming to start unless low cranking speed or restricted and lengthy piping are required.


Fuel Type LPG Vapor or Natural Gas Vapor
Inlet Pressure
Maximum 13.84” w.c. (3.44 kPa)
Nominal Outlet Pressure -0.12 kPa (-0.5” or below w.c.)
Initial Flow Pressure -0.05 to –0.35 w.c.
LPG (Standard) 40 hp (30 kW)
LPG (High Flow) 50 hp (37 kW)
Natural Gas (Standard) 25 hp (19 kW)
Natural Gas (High Flow) 30 hp (22 kW)
Operating Temperature Range -40° F to +250° F (-40° C to +121° C
Mounting Position As close to the carburetor as possible with the arrow on the back over pointing up to minimize the effects of gravity on diaphragm travel. Hori- zontal position can be used when fuel contamination can be controlled with HD-5 or HD-10 specified LPG fuel.
Diaphragm Material Silicone
Applications Stationary
Certification UL 3MYL

Century Model KN Specifications Sheet

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