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EControls focuses on engine control solutions while widening its scope to include industrial control and consumer products. They offer cutting-edge expertise in:

• Control algorithms

• Real-time and embedded software

• Mechanical design for harsh environments

• Electrical design

• Dynamic, compressible flow, combustion, and thermodynamic modeling

• Dynamometer (Transient & Emissions), EMC/EMI, Product DV/PV testing

Their knowledge in industry needs and requirements has led to 16 awarded patents and 75 published technical papers.

They are an OEM component supplier with significant engine development expertise. They offer a level of engine application development to suit your needs in all fuel types.

EControls has grown and expanded product capability, new product design, customer support and personnel through its unyielding high standards of quality services and products.

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E1449520 spacer ring


E1860011A Repair Kit


E1994112G Mixer


E1994414F Mixer


E1995412G Mixer


E2033001 Regulator


E2033001B Regulator


E2131011G Mixer


E2131012G Mixer


E2374000F Regulator


E2376002A-E Repair Kit


E2376005C Regulator


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E2376005F Regulator


E2376515 Repair Kit


E2377002A Repair Kit


E2377515 Repair Kit


E2411101C Mixer


E2416004B Mixer


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