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Advanced Fuel Components (AFC) manufactures high and low pressure solenoid valves. Featuring long-life filters, reliable hi-temperature performance and high durability even under the harshest of conditions. It was early 1980 in Marshall, Michigan, Joe Tatar, a bright engineer, decided it was time to take action. For years, Joe had observed that companies were wasting a great deal of money by frequently replacing filters and solenoid valves. Joe had engineered a better product. His filters and electronic solenoid valves performed reliably under the harshest conditions. He started manufacturing and selling those new solenoid valves and filters. His customers discovered they lasted much longer than the ones they replaced. Joe’s customers were also saving a lot of money on maintenance!

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AFC-156 Bulkhead Filter


AFC-156F Repair Kit


AFC-173 Filter Lock-off Valve


AFC-190-HF12 Lock Off


AFC-RK142 Repair Kit




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