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Company History

Quality Statement

"Our Mission is to provide our clients/customers with the highest quality products and services. We will develop and apply the best technology to benefit our customers. We always measure the quality of our work and strive to continuously improve our services. Our goal is to meet or exceed our client's expectations"


Century has been active in the development of fuel systems for diesel, natural gas and LP-gas internal combustion engines since World War I. The first Century natural gas carburetors were introduced in 1919. The year 1926 is significant because it marked important innovations in carburetion that proved vital to the growth of the liquefied petroleum gas industry. The first Century LP-gas carburetor/mixer was produced in 1926.

The long history of LP-gas carburetion equipment is closely linked to the genius and inventiveness of the late Frank Edward Pilling, Sr., who served as president of Century Gas Equipment until his death in 1954. A leader in the field of carburetion, Mr. Pilling applied for his first patents on butane and propane carburetion equipment for internal combustion engines in 1927. He applied for a patent on his cam-operated floatless liquid fuel carburetor/mixer in 1929.

By 1930, Century had produced its first distillate carburetor/mixer. Dual-fuel carburetor/mixers for use in burning diesel fuel in spark ignition engines were developed in 1933. A patent for Century’s shutter valve carburetor/mixer with gravity lock atmospheric regulator was issued in 1936, although the carburetor/mixer had been produced for many years prior to the patent issue.

The year 1939 marked the initial conversion of a Cummins diesel truck to LP-gas, using a Century venture-type carburetor/mixer with three stages of regulation. Century obsoleted venture carburetor/mixers in 1946, following production of a revolutionary 3C progressive jet carburetor/mixer with metering valve control. Development work on the 3C carburetor/mixer was begun in 1939; and it was used for many years throughout the industry.

Century research and engineering produced the first solenoid primer, the first single plunger electric fuelock for LP-gas and the first integral unit fuelock-filter on the market.

Century continues to pioneer the field of motor-fuel equipment. New designs of simple, compact equipment for precise, trouble-free operation are being developed and brought into production continuously.

As the industry needs and requirements change, Century will provide proven, tested conversion equipment and systems to keep you current.