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About Us

Quality Statement:

"Our Mission is to provide our clients/customers with the highest quality products and services. We will develop and apply the best technology to benefit our customers. We always measure the quality of our work and strive to continuously improve our services. Our goal is to meet or exceed our client's expectations"


Your Propane and Natural Gas Experts For Forklifts and Small Engines!

Why Buy From Us?

  • We ARE the Factory.
  • We ARE the Manufacturer of Century Products.
  • We Offer the Lowest Prices in the market!
  • Many Parts are In Stock and Ready to Ship!
  • We Offer Free Technical Support for Conversion Kits and Forklifts!
  • 18 Month Warranty for Century Product Line

Brief Summary About Us

Century Fuel Products is the world's largest independent, privately held, supplier of Century Alternate Fuel Systems. Our manufacturing facility has two floors for production. Each floor has approximately 10,000 square feet. We are using about 50% of our space for our current production demands. We are committed to excellent service and competitive prices along with a dedicated and talented team. Century Fuel Products currently employs 50 workers in the machining, assembling and testing of the carburetion systems. In addition to the workers, Century Fuel Products employs 10 other individuals to assist in management and quality control. The first floor houses our machining equipment. Assembling and testing are done on the second floor. There is plenty of space available on the assembly floor for expansion.

Aftermarket Propane Parts

Our LP-Gas Carburetion department offers technical assistance, with over 40 years of experience, and our very own “Century” product line that replaces the industry standard. Our parts are OEM quality components in addition to offering you rock bottom pricing. We stock a complete inventory of genuine Impco (industry standard), and customized LP conversion kits for all types of applications. We offer the following brands: Aeroquip, AFC (Advanced Fuel Components), AFS (Alternative Fuel Systems), Aisan, Algas, Asco, Beam, Century, Curtis Instruments, E-Controls, Garretson, Gemini, G.F.I., Hobbs, Impco, J&S, Manchester Tanks, Nikki, Nolff’s, OHG, Parker, Pierce, Rego, Rochester Gauges, Spectrum, Valtek, Weatherhead, Woodward, Zenith… just to name a few.

While some may be replacing a single part, others may look to do a complete change over to their system. We can help with that! We offer custom conversion kits to Natural Gas and/or Propane. The different applications we specialize in are Construction Equipment (such as: Concrete Buggies, Concrete Saws, Floor Machine Equipment, Floor Power Trowels, Water Pumps, Welders), Generators, Material Handling Equipment (such as: Aerial Lifts, Concrete Saws, Floor Sweepers, Forklifts), and Small Engines. While we do not offer complete CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) conversion kits for forklifts, we do supply repair parts for them.

Our already competitive pricing shown online is mainly for single item purchasing. If you’re interested in volume pricing, please contact us.

Generator Conversion Kits to Propane and Natural Gas

Times are changing and reliability is of the utmost importance these days, especially with how unpredictable our weather patterns are. Backup generators are becoming more prominent with hospitals, schools, and other large facilities and they are switching over to natural gas and propane. Why? One reason, gasoline has a limited shelf life, and, if used on a generator past its expiration, it most certainly can cause engine failure. Additionally, if the generator sits for too long and the gasoline remains stagnant, this can cause the carburetor to become plugged which also will result in engine failure. Another reason to use an alternative fuel (propane or natural gas) other than gasoline is demand. What happens with most natural disasters? People become frightened and buy everything in sight pending dooms day! This in turn will cause hoarding situations. Why not use something else that is not only cleaner and safer but also something that you already have or is more readily available? When a major hurricane strikes, like most recently in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, and Texas, don’t you feel that the last thing you should be worried about is standing in line to get your 5 gallon reserve tank filled up at a gas station? Many people in these instances find themselves standing for hours on end and finally, when their turn is up, they are left empty handed. Prepare yourself now! Don’t be left standing when you can be doing more important things. We may not be able to control Mother Nature but we can control certain things. Make your switch now and convert your generator to propane or natural gas before the next big storm!

Why Will Gasoline Let You Down?

Propane and natural gas will overall allow the engine of the backup generator to start better in cold weather and after long periods of no use, which will preserve the life of the engine better than gasoline. Our company's do-it-yourself kits can allow individuals to convert their gasoline generator to propane, natural gas, or all three.

Why Use Propane To Power Your Backup Generator?

Propane is easily accessible, and has no shelf life. Therefore, it does not gum up or go bad. It also does not pollute the air like gasoline. In addition to that, individuals can use various sizes of cylinders and tanks, consisting of 100# and 20# cylinders, and 250, 500, and 1000 gallon tanks. Some are able to use their large propane tanks that supply their home.